New here

So a friend introduced me to wordpress.

I tried it because i mostly have a lot to say and but learning to be quiet  most of the time. I tot finding another outlet for my words was worth it.

I love God and above all want to live solely for him, I also like issues of love and relationships, family life and a christian home.

The other part of me 🙂 Theatre… I never want to do without.


I am in a season of my life where a lot of things do not matter to me.. even the things of God that I love seem like an extra layer of things to do. I am in a season of which I do not want to give up but still trust in my God to hold my hand through it all till I come to a place of understanding of what this season is all about.


I am waiting for something and it is very close … so close that the battles have intensified so I loose it. I trust God that I haven’t lost it already so I keep waiting in anticipation of the manifestation of what today. seems very impossible.


So this is me on this day .. 12 July hoping to find a new outlet my words that I may find meaning in the very things I think and write about knowing that My God also does speak to me in times like this.


This is me.


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