Her Story – Prologue



28 years ago, Matty and Ed met and made a commitment of long life before God in their local church. Exactly a year after, Akesie was born; in the same local church she was dedicated to God and unto his service. Matty and Ed promised to teach and train her in a godly way and that they did to the best of their ability.

Even though Matty and Ed were not so well to do, they earned enough to keep their family together and away from begging. In fact the Lord so favored them, that they were able to feed others even out of their little salary. Four years later Akesie had a little sister and this was going to remain so for the next 7 years.

Growing up, Akesie had always been made to know that she was lazy; constantly being compared to her little sister, she never enjoyed being in the kitchen and would quickly shy away from any house chores. This was always being drummed into her head till she finally accepted her state. “Akesie, the Lazy girl” . She felt unwanted at home. She will mostly stay by herself in her room, reading novels and would come out to watch TV if possible. She always felt that Matty loved and favored her younger sister more than her. Gradually her love for her mum dwindled. She was never going to be like her “fully domesticated” younger sister. The Kitchen was just not her place.

Akesie sort to find acceptance in friendship. Liking the way males related to each other, walked and talked, she always envisioned such a life. To her young mind then, males were the freest creation on earth and did not have to obey every instruction. She always admired girls who had big brothers and loved the way these brothers will shadow and protect their younger sisters and therefore desired for an elder brother but unfortunately that was not going to happen since she was the first-born.

Finding acceptance became another difficult step for Akesie as all the females she related with rather saw her as below their status. She was more like an errand girl to them, than a friend. To Akesie, girls only gathered to gossip and pick on other girls and this was not the kind of friendship she needed. The need for acceptance increasingly grew. This was how Akesie begun to look out for male friends. She resolved to make time to grow every friendship she made, one at a time, she loved and cherished every friend that came her way. Each one of them at various stages were the big brother she was never going to have and she loved them as such.

To her little girl mind, that was all she needed; A big brother who would love and protect her… and that was all she looked out for.


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