Her Story – Finding her feet

Extra curricula activities became the next thing that made Akesie happy.  She joined the trombone choir in class  5 and was rising in the ranks by the end of the year.  It was a fun filled year as the team traveled to lots of places for performances.

Unfortunately  for her,  her grades  started dwindling in class 6 and Matty was  not excited about this at all. Sadly but wisely Akesie had to quit the choir and this left  her  without anything for fun until the drama groups were revived in school in her first year of Junior high.

A plan was put together to have  a major program in school which would showcase acts from the  two drama teams.  Preparations begun fervently on both sides but unfortunately team A’s patron left the school in the middle of the preparation. It was  then prudent for Team B’s patron to manage the project.

To Akesie’s hurt and pain her team was  sidelined and she could not perform her peace.  On the D-day however,  she was  eager to watch Team B’s piece.

During the rehearsal period Akesie  had taken note of a talented  young man; Steve was the icon of Team B…  At least he was in Akesie’s  eyes.

Steve on that day had been mistreated by his patron and forced to play a role in a play that all thought was too old and boring. He had been insulted and hurt and on stage he cried.  When others would have thought this was part of the act,  Akesie knew this was tears from hurt. Her heart was broken. She openly sympathized with Steve during the  show drawing the  attention of Steve’s younger sister who unknown to her was standing right in front of her. She would later find out that this little piece of information was passed on to Steve.

At 12 years Akesie had no confidence in friendships.  She could not trust anyone. It was however a welcome news to her when Steve asked to speak with her that day after school.  At this moment she was really  looking and still searching for a friend for her heart still longed to share with others.

To cut  a long story short,  Steve and  Akesie spent time in the upper auditorium talking for hours oblivious  of their surroundings and possible implications.  It was on this fateful day that  Akesie will connect with her first “best friend”.  They made a decision to be friends from them on  and to watch out for each other. That was the beginning of life issues for the  Little girl; Akesie.


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