My Decison 4

Each day I face consequences  of my decision. Several times I am faced with Job’s dilemma “curse God and die”. Well in my situation… Its more of “forget all I have heard and move on” .

I wait and wait… My heart does believe that God will be true to his word…  But my head could not comprehend it.

Then again  I ask why wait at all?  I believe God will understand.

My decision put me in the place of questioning God and  being unsure of what  he had for me.

Jer 29.11 however thought me that God was  very interested in my decision and He wanted me to trust.

My decision exposed me to my mistrust in God…  Only if I knew why  I had to be here today…
But at the end… I learn each day to trust and hope in God because of my decision.

My decision to continue … and to wait.. no matter what. 🙂


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