The domestic man 2

Call us westerners…  Maybe we are… But hey don’t blame me.  I grew up in a house where the man was very domestic I mean he could babysit and keep the home just like a woman.

Yeah I know what you are thinking… You are probably saying I want a man like that because my father was…  Yes I am referring to my father.

Well.. I won’t deny that it could be part of the reason…  But then the result for being domestic and its benefits are really rewarding. I saw it with my own eyes for almost 20 years.  Well that’s a story for another day.

A man who is domestic is very self sufficient in the home. This is not because he doesn’t allow the woman to do anything for him again but when that help is really needed he is willing and available to help out and does not see it as a demeaning of his role as the head of the house.

In today’s world when the woman is working as much as the man.. My believe is a man who learns to be domestic will be helping the woman he marries to play her role effectively well as a wife.  🙂

Hey!!  I may be wrong but this is my thought.

Catch my next writing on the domestic man.


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