The domestic man 3

So why sit and cross your legs and ask the woman for your  food?
Wait… Relax:mrgreen: I am no feminist. Like I said in my earlier post  I have seen benefits to the domestic man.
Now back to what  I was saying…  Ahaaa…  So what stops you from intentionally deciding to be the one to serve the woman today especially when you both just came in from work tired or from some ministry assignment worn out.

The intentional acts of help does mean a lot to a woman. If I see the effort my man puts in to ensure that  I am not utterly stressed…  I am utterly grateful and love him more because I feel he thinks about me very deeply.

If I had to wash and he decided to sit by me,  rinse while I wash.. Or dry the things while I rinse… As much as is beautiful… It allows for a personal time between the two. Each one feels they can fully trust and rely on each other to be a back bone.

Yeah.. Yeah I know.. Man..  You probably have a lot of work to do… But the days when you intentionally switch off work just to help out are really appreciated more than when you do it only when you are free and have nothing else to do.

Remember that the woman also works and could have decided to work at the same time as well… Ermmm..  I think that will be a disaster as there will be no food to eat and the house may not be clean.

Hmm.  Now it takes like her 3 hours to clean,   cook and all the other domestic things you can think of,  she has a report to complete before she gets to the office the next day… So do you..

After the  3 hours she is tired and may not have strength to think clearly for her report. Either ways she may have the strength.. But then that’s it.. When she is for with that she can only think of going to bed. You on the other hand will be expecting some living in the night. Tough!

Now think about this for a minute.. What about of you held on your work for a few hours.. Helped with the house chores so she saved one and half hours of her time, she would be able to complete her report still have enough strength to find you some love :):):)

Let’s think about that for a minute. Tell me what you think. Hahaha.


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