My Decision 5

It’s good to be expectant…  But what happens when the expectancy brings certain desires that refuses to quench.

It’s like burning fire that just will not go off but keeps burning no matter the amount of water used in fighting it.

The  dreams are nice to see. To escape the harsh reality of the consequences of my decision I choose to dream and live in that dream world.

In there  I believe everything is possible… All I see is laughter,  love,  joy,  forgiveness…

But in reality… I ask myself. “will this dream ever come true”

My decision puts me in a dilemma…  But my trust in God keeps me holding on.

I choose to dream to lessen the pain and anxiety of waiting. I wonder if that is the right way God expects me to handle this.  It’s my only way to stay away from disbelieving my Father ;the Almighty God.

My decision not to doubt,  to  continue and to wait…  NO MATTER WHAT…


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