He loves me

He loves me…  How come I never knew.
He is patient with me…  How come I did not realize it.

His love is ever strong… Ever growing…  Like I can never lose it.

My heart bleeds now because I disregard this love. I don’t seem to know the full extent of His love for me.

All these years I put others above him,  I sort approval from others and all others’ opinion instead of him.

He is the only one who knows me and really deals with my flaws. A man who feels exactly what  I feel and is willing to still carry me in his arms.

His rebuke is so ever gentle that I feel more love than pain.

I hurt because I gave my heart to others. I took Him for granted and I chose to look to others.

But He calls me again… He waits… arms open again that  I may walk in.
Oh that  I will hear his heart and love Him as He loves me.

Thanks for loving me all this while.


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