He loves me 2

I do agree He does love me,  but day by day my decisions haunt me.  It lays my heart bare before me.

😥 I don’t  love  him.  After all he did for me, I pay him back with evil. Oh wretched  man that I am.

How could  I be so  callous? The tears I bring to  his eyes everyday…  The hard hearted picture  I show him  everyday…
Why  does he still love me…. I wish to know why… Cos  I don’t deserve it.

Why  can’t  I just love Him the  same way… Am I so incapable of loving such a person?

Oh how does he see me?  I want to be with my lover.. The only one who loves me in spite  of everything… But. I can’t come close…  Too filthy… Too dirty to come close.

How can I ever hear that still small voice.. He asked me to believe that He wants to speak with me.. But  how can I when  I am so  wretched… How?


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