{In a small Hut in Gal land,  Cyrus is lays on the bed very week with a few moments to live.  Zorie has been  crying the whole day hoping that his father won’t die.}

Zorie:     Father please hang on a little. Don’t leave me all alone… (with tears all over his face)

Cyrus:     my time is up Zorie I have to go… But please.. Find your mother… Your mother… And the others.. Fi… Take… Care of yourself. Watch over them… Remember you have a companion.. Talk to Him just as I thought you and you will be fine…fulfil your assignment. Zorie.. I.. Love… U.. Tell the others.. I always loved them. (Cyrus.. Breathes his last breath and turns his head)

Zorie:     Oh  God.. This is not fair… Where do I go from here.. Why? At this time.. I am just  22…i haven’t still known the world.. But  I.. The  assignment.. Father I will leave…  I pursue the assignment I have  been given to bring the family together again. Rest in peace my Father.


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