Two Hearts, one purpose

Drawn together by like passions,
Torn apart  by different minds.

Focusing together on the same goal,
Drawn apart by filth and dirt.

Two Hearts meant for one purpose constantly face the brunt of division in all forms.

They fight and struggle for two Hearts with 2 diverse purposes.

They will go to all lengths to ensure that the two Hearts never fulfil that one purpose.

The creator of hearts guards them
The giver of purpose leads them
Meandering through the many blocks set up to advance  the diverse purpose agenda; He leads them out to fulfil His one purpose agenda.

So two Hearts,  one purpose now becomes a reality..

After the bruises,  the pain,  the hurt,  the anxiety,  the giving up,  sin,  death, repentance and resurrection…

Two Hearts,  One purpose indeed becomes a reality.

Wrestle hard! Wrestle more!


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