My experience with dance

When I think worship, I think dance.
Ironic.. many will first think of music.

Dance flows with worship for me because it gives me a chance to directly move various parts of my body.

A teacher of mine once taught that worship as described in the Hebrew and Greek depicts various postures and movement of the body. Therefore if you said you were worshiping and did not move your body at all or changed your posture at all .. then there was an issue.

I love to dance because it gives me a chance to do that.

Its in that sphere that I stay longer in worship.

Granted I do get tired and sometimes just stop moving.. but these are the times, that I feel a bit closer to God in worship..
where I seem to hear him ..

Its my place for show of love.

Oh that my dance maybe sanctified and made sacred for God and His purpose. That my worship will be pleasing to him. all the days of my life. Teach me Lord to dance like you. smile emoticon


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