Who is she?

Swaying from side to side, she ambled towards Charles trying to get his attention but Charles did not see any of it.

“here you are Charles, I finished the planning stage for the engagement for Forestry Inc. You can review it when you have the chance”.

As a senior associate on the team for the Forestry engagement, Jiani supervised her juniors to complete tasks like the Planning stage but since she had to see Charles the manager on this engagement at all cost, she presented the planning stage herself.

“leave it in my in tray”, Charles retorted without looking up from his laptop at Jiani. He has always treated her like this and Jiani kept trying all possible strategies to get him to warm up to her but all to no avail. Disappointed and heart-broken, Jiani walked back to her desk.

Charles slowly lifted his head from his laptop screen to stare at Jiani as she walked away. “why does this girl tempt me”, he thought to himself. Charles liked to wear his hair short always in a neatly ironed black trousers and purple stripped shirt. Yes. that was his favorite colour. All the ladies in the office looked forward to the main door opening each morning or during lunch time to spot a purple stripped shirt walk in. They will pretend to be busily working on thier Laptop but will steal glances at Charles as he passed them to his desk in the open area. He sat in the corner right opposite the doorway.

“I thought you were taking her for lunch today”. Mark was Charles closest pal in the office. They talked about everything from faith to girls. “You are giving yourself a hard time, she does seem interested. Mark had decided to make sure his friend pursued his heart after the discussion they had after work two weeks ago at the cafeteria.

“Its not easy Mark. It’s much tougher than we discussed”. Mark had totally forgotten how shy Charles was. Funny how most of the juniors in the office thought he was hard-faced.


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