His love for me – All the drama!!!

I watched something … 🙂 Women…we love sweetness, love and drama. What we call ‘romantic”.. I realized we want and like and wish for all the drama when that day comes.

Will the man go on one knee?
Will the man take me to the beach front?
Will he prepare dinner at home?
Will he recite poetry?
Will he do a dance?
oh, oh, like my friend’s dream
Will he do it on a Yacht….

All before the ring appears
All before the words for me to say I do
All before I know exactly how his heart feels.

Women.. we think…
Sometimes we feel…
Does he really love me?

So we want to hear
How his heart beats for me
How I am the sunshine he needs everyday
How I am the only rib that can fit his side.
How I complete him
How if he died and came back a second time he will still ask God for me. 🙂

Its beautiful to hear others say those words to their women
Its nice to know that they will do anything to make them honorable (putting a “ringer” on her finger. Lol)

I like drama.
I will love drama
But only…
Only.. if that is God’s style for me.


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