#FictionalMe 2

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing… I’m fine” I just was not ready to talk about all the trouble I was having at work, after all it seemed he only asked as a matter of courtesy and not because he really wants to know. Trust me, he will just respond, “are you sure?” if I said yes then he will say “If you say so” or something like that. He never pushes.

“heyy, Heyy.. Seriously you are not okay. What is it?”

What? Did he just try to push me a little bit,.. to really know what is wrong?

“Erm.. well too much stress in the office, I can’t keep up.. I just feel like it’s time to quit”

“Come on baby, you can’t really belief that? See, we talked about this. God put you here for a reason. He definitely knows you can handle this”

“this is too much, dear… It gone beyond what I can bear… it’s too much..”

Silly me.. I just begun to tear up again. How easily a little push from him could open me up. but I am really tired…

“Heyy, I am here. I will cheer you on no matter what, but most importantly I won’t allow you to disobey God.. So let’s pray shall we?”

There.. he held my hands and prayed with me. Just there, i felt .. nothing could ever go wrong again. I said my own silent prayer too. 🙂

“Lord help me to be there for him always, I pray he can trust me and will always know, I will be there for him”.

A sordid day, just turned wonderful…

“Come on… let’s dance.. I know you love that”…

Awww now.. that’s new. I didn’t think he noticed the things that really made me excited..

And so we had our first private dance

#FictionalMe2 Now let’s see what you think about this one?


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