#FictionalMe 4

Before “He” came

It was about 2am, I had just returned from rehearsal. My performing arts group was preparing for their maiden annual event. There was a lot of work to be done. Meetings run overnight every day. I was exhausted and all I could think about was a cold shower and my bed.

I had an early morning lecture that day and I needed to catch at least a 3 hour sleep, after all I could try to catch the rest of my sleep after the class. So I did exactly that.

“bbrrrrrrrr, bbbbrrrrr” what was that? I hoped this disturbance was just a dream and it would end soon so I could really continue my rest.

“aaasrrrggghhh” You guessed right. It never stopped. It was my phone…someone was eager to speak to me at 3.30am.
“what?” I asked myself annoyingly. But then the smile… It was him…

Now this is where I break. You know before HE came, there was him. Yeah right. So let’s call him something shall we? Hmm, Robby. Yeah Robby will be a good name. Yes Robby was calling.

“Hi Sweety watsup” he said almost out of breadth. “ Thank God I found you.. You won’t believe it.. I totally lost your number. You remember I told you some weeks ago that I will be coming around and want to see you?”

That was when I remembered. He had stood me up… AGAIN. He promised to come around and didn’t. You see it had become normal to me, for Robby to call, promise to come and then call back in the last day that he is already out of town. I had begun losing count if it so I think my mind did not process this last promise as a reality. So why was he bringing it up now.?

“Yeah I remember. Anyway you did not call”

To be continued…


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