#FictionalMe 5

Robby went on to tell me how he misplaced my number and how he had been searching days on end since he was leaving just that morning… So he was on his way to see me that dawn.
“I imagined the patterns my fingers draw each time I keyed in your number on my cell phone and after many tries I was able to get a hold of you”. There, he got me. My walls came crashing down.

“He did that for me?” Quickly I forgot about all the numerous times he stood me up, soon I was engaging the thought of seeing him in just a few minutes. We talked continually on the phone as he asked me to keep him company whiles he tried to get a cab. He wanted to make sure I wouldn’t fall asleep. Well he didn’t have to say it… I was not about to blink an eye, or butt an eyelid. I was settled. “I will stay up and wait for Robby, sacrifice my sleep and go to class in the morning. After that I will have a good rest”

You guess is as good as mine… I should have slept. Don’t ask me what happened. Won’t tell  

So now go back to where we started from #FictionalMe 1&2, why I so want to see him do somethings. Many times.. I have felt rejected. It’s like that was supposed to be my lot. But I reminded myself that He could never be the same as Robby.

A girls gives her all
Irrespective of anything.

A girl expects all
In spite of everything.

She craves for all
Unwilling to relent

But burns out all
Too demanding to bear.


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