The day dr…

“Yes you, lady in the polka dot dress”

the Prophet said again,then I realised

“He had been talking to me all along”.

So I slowly stood feeling a bit shy. Never had I been called out in such a huge  prophetic meeting. He begun to speak as we will say “prophesy into my life” and then the only part I remember was …

“it’s time …”

then he took a long pause, looked up from the podium and asked for his cheque book from his aid.

“I have been standing here quietly because this is the first time I am hearing this and even doing this, not in such circumstances and not like this”.

He stared at me again, then he turned, picked his pen from his notebook on the podium and wrote it out. At that moment, I still could not tell what was going on.. all I knew was tears streaming down my cheeks. Tears of relief, love, joy, tears and more tears Then he turned and handed me the cheque.


my expression in fact much louder than a whisper I couldn’t breathe. It was like that man was saying, the two of us could even get married today. It was GHS 20,000. This could definitely handle a modest wedding.

“The Lord said to tell you, that He said He would sponsor and plan your wedding”  then He smiled, well I still could not breathe.“This is just the beginning”. that was it. I broke down and wept like a baby, My father loved me sooo much. Then I remembered, “he was not in church today”.

“Oh no”. Not again, why do I always hear these things without him. Then I remembered. “It was captured on camera, Yes!!!” I began to laugh so uncontrollably. The whole church was torn between two emotions, joy and confusion. I could not be bothered. I begun looking out for any of his colleagues. I wanted to shout across the church “Make sure you let him see this. I don’t want to be the one to tell him”.

Quickly did I snap… why these imaginations?. I was on a toilet seat 😦 🙂


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