Feb 12, You’ve got me

It was that day, that fateful night.

Indeed, Fate-full. My heart broke.

I felt the tearing and wondered how I got here.

My fears had been confirmed.

The pain I thought I may feel in such a situation was no where near how I actually felt.

It looked like the end of the road; I had laboured for nothing.

Weeping may endure for a night but joy in the morning.

Out of this I found the strength to spend time with the one who truly loves me. Just started, don’t know how far I will go but I pray I never stop cos this is the only time I feel cherished and the guilt of my past does indeed seem far away like it never happened.


A week after

Today I remembered. It’s been 12 years… 12 years…

Why did I even start? Rejection seems to have been the response to my show of love throughout the years. The friends I loved, only took what I gave and did not know how to cherish it.

Not again!!! God is willing to fight for me and I am willing to let Him. I dont know where I am finding the strength to live or even type right now… But I know He is with me in all of it.


Is it too much to ask for?:

  • A lover
  • My biggest fan
  • My teacher
  • My best friend
  • My guide
  • My companion
  • My husband …

Tears seem to engulf me for the night…I still choose God’s way even in this pain.


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