What is he?

I am sure I know him

But sometimes, I can’t tell.

I am sure I understand him

But sometimes, I don’t know.


I am tired…

I just want to know him, understand him.

Can he just understand that and allow me in?

Can he just see that and not assume I only wish to think bad of him?


Do you know me at all?

What do you think of me?

Do you know if I really do love you?

Do you know if I will give a lot for you?

Do you know if I will stand by you and defend according God’s will?

Do you know if I will and want to be the woman you want to marry?

Am I so wrong that you don’t think I can ever be right?

Am I so filthy before you that you don’t consider me worthy?

Are they all better than me?

Am I just a woman who wants to marry you but does not want to submit to you?

Am I really not ideal for you?

What of picture of me have I given you?

Why do I fight so much for your love?

Was I wrong in loving you first?

Was I wrong in asking God if you are the one?


Because of you I have grown better, better than I ever thought I could be.

Not because you are perfect, but because I want to be your perfect.

Was that wrong? Is that not enough for you?

Or something is that and more and I may never be?


I think these and I don’t even know for sure if this how your heart sounds.

Oh!! how I wish I knew …

Then my heart may silently be calm and not hurt too much.


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