So much on my mind

I have to be a wife… his wife.

I thought that was supposed to be easy

Considering I had had lots of practice already

But what does it mean to be “HIS” wife:

  • A warrior, gate keeper, passionate intercessor
  • A lover of God more than anything else
  • An understander of the scriptures and ability to interprete
  • Wanting God more than anything or any one

– Being his help meet
– Being his prophet
– Being his advisor
– Being his confidant
– Being his best friend
– Being his shoulder to lean on and cry on
– Being his number one fan
– Being his number one ship mate
– Being his defender
– Being his spokesperson
– Being his armour
– Being his lover
– Being his caretaker
– Being his ee—vveeerr—yy–th—iiii–nnn–gggg.

Tough huh!!


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