Dear Christian Brother

Our dear Christian brother,

Must we wait for you?

Smiling sweetly to every sister (I am being hospitable)

Paying close attention to each one like they were more than special (I just like to treat every one equally)


Must we wait for you?

Spending more than time with her only.

Being available and around anytime she needs you.


Must we wait for you?

Taking in all her designs made specifcally for your stomach.

Enjoying alone, the special attention she gives.


Must we wait for you?

Noticing now something better.

Craving now a new venture.


Must we wait for you?

Hurting cos she finds your heart belongs to another.

Broken cos all you spent with her are wasted.


Must we wait for you?

Our dear Christian brother.

Shape up or ship out!!!


4 thoughts on “Dear Christian Brother

  1. I don’t think it’s wise to wait for someone take time to make a decision that will affect your life if he is delaying.
    You can equally take the step and ask the person what he thinks about the future of both of you


    • Well that’s true @fiififrancis. But I think my focus here is not even about the delay, but the practices (how we relate). Some of these are just platonic to the man, but to the woman more signals are received which goes beyond platonic and that is where the issue develops.


      • Yes, I get it your point but what’s wrong asking”where’s this thing going” to ascertain whether the guy is thinking in that direction.
        As you said in the explanation, guys have a pool of ladies to choose from and so are girls thus he might be testing the waters thus ours sisters need to “smart up” to identify what the actions mean than to be “MADAM NICE LADY” and assume

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