Notes on Dear Christian Brother.

Yes, I mentioned Christian brother because you all are my brothers as God is our Father. So whatever hurts you hurts me, whatever you do to someone else affects me as your sister just as it tells wrongly or greatly on our Father in heaven, God.
This is an observation I have been making with some of my friends of mine over some months and years now. Yes, of course all females, cos we feel the pain and easily for our sisters in the Churh.
Problem: We are not happy with how you treat us your sisters? (Love, relationship, marriage).
These are my thoughts from observations:
1. Our brothers do not settle early in life that they will get married someday and therefore aside just preparing money for the wedding ceremony and all, preparation must include learning to live as a father, husband and lover to any kind of woman.
2. Brothers have been schooled to believe that they have a pool of females to consider as they grow. Unfortunately our brothers of today take this wrongly. They keep a number of females around with whom they share similar initmacies with, confusing the females and confusing themselves in the long run.
3. Brothers do not take time to know, that a lot of attention and affection for a woman when she feels she is the only one actually moves the heart of a woman to like you more than you expected.
4. In your bid to have a pool to sample from, you have left in your wake a number of females who believe someday you will be coming to ask their hand in marriage only for them to hit with the message that, “I never made any promise to you”
Trust me Christian brother you are sometimes justified in your actions. I really don’t blame you. We know you do not set out to hurt your own sisters. But in the light of being a child of our Father in heaven and according to His word where we are to be kind one to another, treat others like we will want to be treated, love each other as Christ had loved us, Please take a step back and watch how you relate to us sisters.
Do you find more than one woman thinking too highly of the relationship you have with them? If so, pause and consider how you are treating them. No one says be an enemy all of a sudden, but are you not a child of God and is she also not same? What makes you think for this one God has no way of helping you out, to better treat His own daughters as the Princesses they are and for you to also keep your dignity as the Prince you are.
I am worried and concerned, because a number of broken hearts are being left in your wake. Those you know off and those you do not know.
Because you and her have a common father and a wrong move will actually marr our Family Name,
– please stop being too sweet if many or one woman is taking this relationship serious and you are not ready.
– please stop making her feel she is the only when you know you 2 or more other women you are considering for marriage.
– Please my brother don’t wait till the day you say I do to know that you have about 5 more hearts broken.
All because you were selfish to take more than you should have from all of them without realising their hearts will get involved.
Its obvious most of you do need companions at some age in your life, only you are not mostly sure by that time whether you want to marry anytime soon or whether you want to marry her.  
So please do not be so spiritual in everything but your heart, your marriage, your human relations and most of all decision on who to choose as a mate. The same way God talks to you on the person that needs healing, on the anointing service, on the powerful ministrations, is the same way He can and wants to talk to you about how you are relating to His daughters and how best to go about it.
Your Father treats His daughters as Princesses, as a Prince walking in the foot steps of your Father, being fashioned after Christ as one loving the church please treat them the same for one of these princesses will one day be your bride.

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